amavisd-new 2.7.2 vs 2.8.0:?

Mark Martinec Mark.Martinec at
Wed Jul 4 14:52:55 CEST 2012


 > amavisd-new 2.7.2 vs 2.8.0:?
 > Q what are he differences?, why two versions?

I just wanted to leave 2.7 in a good state before moving on,
so that very conservative folks can stay there if they
choose to.

 > (and, Mark:  for FreeBSD ports, do we need two different versions
 > in ports?)

No, just move on to 2.8.0, should be compatible with 2.7.1.

Consider adding dependency on net/p5-IO-Socket-IP;

and optionally a 0MQ dependency: on net/p5-ZeroMQ & devel/zmq,
in which case something like start script
or its lookalike should be installed in /usr/local/etc/rc.d/,
and programs amavis-services, amavisd-status, amavis-mc and
amavisd-snmp-agent-zmq installed. If 0MQ is not needed, none
of these is needed. Btw, If somebody would be willing to make
a port for Crossroads I/O (which is a fork for 0MQ, by the
original developers), that would be nice.

Renato Botelho wrote:
> My understanding, and release_notes can confirm, is 2.7.2 is a bugfix
> release of 2.7 series, with no new features and 2.8.0 is a new serie with
> a lot of new features.


> For FreeBSD ports, if you decide just update the port to 2.8.0, it would
> be useful to add a note on UPDATING if config file syntax has changes
> or other big changes happened in this version.

Nothing worth mentioning regarding compatibility.
Perhaps optional 0MQ support can be mentioned, or not.

> You can also create
> a port called amavisd-new27 and move current version to there.
> Personally, i vote for keep just one version on ports collection, 2.8.0.

Agreed. As there are no important incompatibilities, I don't
see a need for an additional version-specific or -devel port.


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