Mark Martinec Mark.Martinec+amavis at
Wed Jan 25 20:10:03 CET 2012

> OOPS! I thought I had already updated to 2.7.0.
> Any way, I now have updated and still get basically the same error in the
> mail log.
> Jan 25 10:37:08 mustang amavis[10065]: (94LsvbC_Hm) Request: AM.PDP
> /var/amavis/amavis-94LsvbC_Hm: <didavies at> -> <scldad at>
> Jan 25 10:37:08 mustang amavis[10065]: (94LsvbC_Hm) Checking: NtuVROSKEmIh
> AM.PDP-SOCK [] <didavies at> -> <scldad at>
> Jan 25 10:37:08 mustang amavis[10065]: (94LsvbC_Hm) local delivery: <> ->
> bad- header-quarantine, mbx=/var/virusmails/badh-NtuVROSKEmIh
> Jan 25 10:37:08 mustang amavis[10065]: (94LsvbC_Hm) Passed BAD-HEADER-6

> Attached is a tarball with a sample quarantined bad header and the email
> used in the test.
> The command used was: 
> ./amavisd-submit didavies at scldad at < /tmp/test.mbox

There is indeed a syntax error in the first line of the message header

  From john at Mon Jan 23 16:14:46 2012
  Return-Path: <john at>
  X-Virus-Scanned: amavisd-new at

The "From " line does not belong to a message. It is a mbox-style separator
line - a component of a mbox file, not a part of a message itself.
It is considere a syntax error because it is does not follow the rules
of a header field: a field name, followed by a colon, followed by a
header field body.

Amavisd (and SMTP) expect a mail message (RFC 5322, RFC 2822),
not a message in an mbox format. You need to get rid of that first
line before submitting it.


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