Viewing quarantines

Mark Martinec Mark.Martinec+amavis at
Thu Jan 19 14:51:41 CET 2012


> What are some good ways to be able to view and deliver quarantines?  I was
> thinking deliver all quarantines to a local user, and access that user via
> imap to view it, move mail to a deliver folder and have a cron job go
> through that folder and deliver it, but the amavis-release script doesn't
> seem to like me giving it an absolute path to the mail files

Indeed, the amavisd-release can't release from a regular mailbox.

For a small site, occasionally fishing out a quarantined message
based on a log or based on a user query may be acceptable, as well
as examining the message on a quarantine file with a text editor
(the most valuable information is in the mail header anyway).

For lots of users, having a centralized quarantine management probably
doesn't scale well, so a better choice may be do deliver flagged messages
to a dedicated mail folder in each user's mailbox (based on addr_extension_*
setting & plus addressing, or based on X-Spam-Flag in the header section),
and let the user deal with it by himself.

Antoine's suggestion or some other quarantine management system is
another choice.


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