Viewing quarantines

Antoine Nguyen tonio at
Wed Jan 18 17:58:11 CET 2012

Le 18/01/2012 16:05, James Devine a écrit :
> What are some good ways to be able to view and deliver quarantines?  I 
> was thinking deliver all quarantines to a local user, and access that 
> user via imap to view it, move mail to a deliver folder and have a 
> cron job go through that folder and deliver it, but the amavis-release 
> script doesn't seem to like me giving it an absolute path to the mail 
> files 
If you accept using an external software (ie. not your usual email 
client), one way is to store your quarantine in an SQL database. Then 
you can use a web application like Modoboa ( to 
manage this quarantine.

Antoine Nguyen

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