Spam-tag log line

Mark Martinec Mark.Martinec+amavis at
Tue Feb 14 12:50:56 CET 2012


> Are other log lines affected by change in case (such as SPAM log lines,
> or the word SPAM elsewhere)?

I think there is only one other visible change (ignoring
changes in comments) regarding lowercasing of a word 'spam',
namely the SMTP reject message, which may also end up in the
log at higher log levels:

| <    CC_SPAM,        "id=%n - SPAM",
| <    CC_SPAMMY.',1', "id=%n - SPAMMY (tag3)",
| <    CC_SPAMMY,      "id=%n - SPAMMY",
| >    CC_SPAM,        'id=%n - spam',
| >    CC_SPAMMY.',1', 'id=%n - spammy (tag3)',
| >    CC_SPAMMY,      'id=%n - spammy',

But I'm not promising other deeper log-level messages are not
changing, there may be small changes in these through versions.

> > Try the attached trivial patch (on 2.7.0). It brings it back to level 2,
> > but also further lowercases the word. Do the log analyzer still
> > recognize it even if fully lowercased? If so, I guess I can put it back
> > in this form.
> >   Mark
> > 
> > Thanks for the patch. The lowercased 'spam-tag' works without change with
> > amavislogsumm. amavis-logwatch will need a small patch, but I'm positive
> > that Mike will accept it.
> > 
> >> If so, I guess I can put it back in this form.

Mike wrote:
> I've made the necessary changes, and will post an update, pending a
> response to the above question.

Thanks, I'm glad you're still around!


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