Spam-tag log line

Mike Cappella mike at
Tue Feb 14 00:06:07 CET 2012

> Stefan,
>> > If you are referring to a debug log line "Spam-tag, ...", it is now
>> > logged at log level 3 starting with 2.7.0.  Previously it was a
>> > "SPAM-TAG, ...", logged at level 2. I suggest not to bother with this
>> > debug line.
>> But the missing "Spam-tag, ..." line breaks some reporting tools, like
>> amavis- logwatch and amavislogsumm (in log_level 2), which depend on the
>> information in that line. If I change the default log template, they won't
>> recognize the SpamAssassin test results.
>> What was the reason to not log the line on log_level 2 any longer?
> The reason was twofold: I tried to avoid a potential trademark issue
> with a spelling "SPAM" (hence lowercasing it); and while at it, I dropped

Are other log lines affected by change in case (such as SPAM log lines, 
or the word SPAM elsewhere)?

Note: in case this response doesn't thread properly, the context for 
this response is at the top of:

> its log level from 2 to 3 to reduce the redundant clutter at level 2,
> as the list of SA tests can be (and often is) already included in the
> main log line (at log level 0), avoiding the need to log at 2.
>> And is there a way to have the Spam-tag line in log_level 2 again?
> Try the attached trivial patch (on 2.7.0). It brings it back to level 2,
> but also further lowercases the word. Do the log analyzer still
> recognize it even if fully lowercased? If so, I guess I can put it back
> in this form.
>   Mark

> Thanks for the patch. The lowercased 'spam-tag' works without change with
> amavislogsumm. amavis-logwatch will need a small patch, but I'm positive that
> Mike will accept it.
>> If so, I guess I can put it back in this form.
> If that's possible, that would be great.
> Thanks a lot.
> Stefan

I've made the necessary changes, and will post an update, pending a 
response to the above question.


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