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Eric Smith eric at
Thu Feb 9 21:20:09 CET 2012

Hi All,

Have this segfault 4 times Monday.

amavisd-new[10969] general protection ip:7fb92996f547 sp:7fff784a26c8 error:0 in[7fb9298be000+16a000]

It zombies amavis, have to kill -9 all amavisd's, restart postfix and amavis from init.d scripts. No particular email in the log seems to be the problem, amavis just dies.

As a work around I have changed this today:

$enable_db = 0;              # enable use of BerkeleyDB/libdb (SNMP and nanny)

Here is the setup:

ubuntu 10.4 LTS with standard packages

amavisd-new                         1:2.6.4-1ubuntu5 
libdb4.8                            4.8.24-1ubuntu1
spamassassin                        3.3.1-1
clamav                              0.96.5+dfsg-1ubuntu1.10.04.2
pyzor                               1:0.5.0-0ubuntu2 
 razor                               1:2.85-3 
postfix                             2.8.1-1~lucid1 

General thoughts?

No changes on the server that may have cause this, corrupt DB? Or is this indicative of something else?



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