Sophos - savid: Client terminated connection early

Miguel Fernandes maf at
Fri Feb 3 15:42:54 CET 2012

Hi all!

I wondered if anyone has come across this:
I'm trying to use the new Sophos-SSSP implementation using the savdid 

my amavis.conf:
   \&ask_daemon, ["{}", 'sssp:/var/run/savdi/sssp.sock'],
   qr/^DONE OK\b/m, qr/^VIRUS\b/m, qr/^VIRUS\s*(\S*)/m ],

All looks good, until first connect:

120202:174217 [4F2AC9BD] 00038402 New session
120202:174227 [4F2AC9BD] C000460B Client terminated connection early
120202:174227 [4F2AC9BD] 00038403 Session ended

Feb  2 16:19:48 etmx-v3-pre amavis[14700]: (14700-01) (!)Sophos-SSSP 
av-scanner FAILED: run_av error: timed out\n

Tryed various alternatives, using Unix sockets, TCP and I always get the 
timeout message on the savid daemon...
Looks like savid is waiting for amavis to send information and gives 
after some time... (did a strace on the savid daemon)

Is there something I'm forgetting?

For now I will be still using SOPHIE, that is working fine.


Miguel Fernandes

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