Quarantine AND pass through?

Stef Simoens stef+au at bgs.org
Thu Dec 13 20:47:48 CET 2012


I'm quite new with amavis, but I think you need

$final_virus_destiny  = D_PASS;
$final_banned_destiny = D_PASS;
$final_spam_destiny   = D_PASS;

(because your requirement is to let all mail go through, even if they are viruses or spam)

Besides this, you should define $clean_quarantine_method.

I define

$clean_quarantine_method = 'sql:';

because I want (certain) e-mails to be quarantined to SQL (but I'm sure you can use any quarantine method supported by amavis).

Besides this, you need $clean_quarantine_to defined (by default, it is, to 'clean-quarantine').
Because you can configure $clean_quarantine_to (or $clean_quarantine_to_maps) per-user (via sql, ldap, or static maps), you can do the quarantining selectively for select users/domains.

(My '$clean_quarantine_to' is set to undef in /etc/amavisd.conf with for some users a sql policy returning 'clean-quarantine' from a field policy.clean_quarantine_to — and this works for me).

Good luck & regards,


Op 13-dec.-2012, om 08:59 heeft Nikolaos Milas <nmilas at noa.gr> het volgende geschreven:

> On 11/12/2012 1:56 μμ, Ralf Hildebrandt wrote:
>> * Nikolaos Milas <nmilas at noa.gr>:
>>> Being in the final test stage of a (border) gateway mail server using
>>> postfix/amavis/clamav/spamassassin on CentOS 6.3, I wonder whether we
>>> can configure Amavisd-new to quarantine suspected mail (based on
>>> defined rules) BUT to pass it through too.
>> Use:
>> $final_virus_destiny      = D_REJECT;
>> $final_banned_destiny     = D_REJECT;
>> $final_spam_destiny       = D_REJECT;
>> and
>> $virus_quarantine_to = 'quarantine at backup.invalid';
>> $spam_quarantine_to = 'quarantine at backup.invalid';
> Thanks Ralf,
> I'll try it. Current setting is D_DISCARD.
> So, changing to D_REJECT should allow us to quarantine spam/virus mail and at the same time deliver it (I would call it "non-blocking" filtering). Right?
> I am using:
> $virus_quarantine_method = "local:virus/%n-%m" ;
> $spam_quarantine_method = "local:spam/%n-%m" ;
> $banned_files_quarantine_method = "local:banned/%n-%m" ;
> Can I continue using the above, or I should switch to *_quarantine_to settings?
> Regards,
> Nick

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