Amavis blocking images...

Noel Jones njones at
Wed Sep 28 18:40:07 CEST 2011

On 9/28/2011 11:20 AM, Peter Dal wrote:
> On 9/28/2011 9:55 AM, Noel Jones wrote:
>>>     Banned name: multipart/mixed |
>>>       image/gif,.image,.gif,part1.03020803.05050501 at
>>>     Content type: Banned
>>>     Internal reference code for the message is 30298-18/Fe80t5ePS7Gx
>> The image name ends with .com and you've banned attachments with
>> .com extension.
> Thanks Noel!
> That's interesting!  That would indeed make sense, however:
>  1. It has been working without issues for over 3 years, and no
>     changes on client or server were made
>  2. It is an embedded image, not an attachment, so it has no
>     filename. the "part1.03020803.05050501 at" is the id
>     given by the email client.

Check the message source. I expect to find the name there.  Embedded
images are still attachments; just displayed differently.

... or I could be full of effluent.

> If this is really the reason it is blocking it, I'm tempted to call
> it a bug, since it's banning something based on a filename that's
> not there...
> I'm intrigued though, so I'll remove the .com extension from banning
> and see what happens. Remains the problem of how to block .com files
> and still allow embedded images?

Whitelist names with @.*\.com$ maybe?  You can still block real .com
files by file(1) type.

  -- Noel Jones

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