Amavis blocking images...

Peter Dal pdal at
Wed Sep 28 18:20:57 CEST 2011

On 9/28/2011 9:55 AM, Noel Jones wrote:
>>      Banned name: multipart/mixed |
>>        image/gif,.image,.gif,part1.03020803.05050501 at
>>      Content type: Banned
>>      Internal reference code for the message is 30298-18/Fe80t5ePS7Gx
> The image name ends with .com and you've banned attachments with
> .com extension.

Thanks Noel!

That's interesting!  That would indeed make sense, however:

 1. It has been working without issues for over 3 years, and no changes
    on client or server were made
 2. It is an embedded image, not an attachment, so it has no filename.
    the "part1.03020803.05050501 at" is the id given by the
    email client.

If this is really the reason it is blocking it, I'm tempted to call it a 
bug, since it's banning something based on a filename that's not there...

I'm intrigued though, so I'll remove the .com extension from banning and 
see what happens. Remains the problem of how to block .com files and 
still allow embedded images?


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