Not all messages are scanned?

Mark Martinec Mark.Martinec+amavis at
Thu Nov 24 20:29:03 CET 2011


> I've been playing with logwatch.  On a test server this is what it
> tells me for yesterday..
> [...]
>       17   Truncated message passed to SpamAssassin
>       82   Spam tagged
>        1   Bounce unverifiable
>        2   MIME error
>        6   SpamAssassin diagnostics
> My question is - do I take it to understand that of the 85, 17 were
> truncated before they were sent to SA (but in fact all were sent).

Yes. All messages are sent to SA regardless of their size.
Of the long messages, only part of a message is sent
(approx: mail header plus the first $sa_mail_body_size_limit bytes).
If $sa_mail_body_size_limit is undefined then there is no limit,
i.e. all messages are sent to SA in their entirety.

> And if so, how come only 6 have SA diagnostics?


The 'SpamAssassin diagnostics' as reported by logwatch refers to
  SA (warn|info|error):
messages found in the log. Things like:

SA info: pyzor: [51215] error: TERMINATED, signal 15
SA info: dns: select interrupted
SA info: rules: meta test ... has dependency ... with a zero score
SA info: zoom: able to use 1011/1371 'body_0' compiled rules ...

These are mostly harmless/informational if they occur only occasionally.


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