Recommended pre-queue setup for Postfix

Marc Patermann hans.moser at
Fri Nov 18 14:11:00 CET 2011


Cristian Seres schrieb (18.11.2011 13:30 Uhr):
> 11.11.2011 14:37, Marc Patermann kirjoitti:
>> I use amavisd-milter here.
> Hello Mark and thank you for your suggestion. I installed amavisd-milter 
> 1.5.0, but I can't get it open a socket to amavisd even though the 
> socket file exists and has enough permissions.
IIRC I had the same error and changed to inet socket nevertheless it is 
on the same machine and it worked.

MILTER_SOCKET="inet:55000 at localhost"


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