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> I have the following custom module that does not do quite what I want it
> to do yet.  I know I need to tweak the "sender" and "recipient" sections,
> but I'm not quite sure what they need to be tweaked to.  Previously, when
> we patched amavis directly, we could trigger a quarantine of any mail a
> user sent or received by setting amavisQuarantineTo on their user object
> in LDAP.  We are now trying to do this the correct way via a custom
> module. However, when I put the module in place, it quarantines all email
> regardless of sender/recipient, rather than only the targeted user(s),
> and it puts the quarantine on disk rather than sending them to the
> specified quarantine account.  Module is as follows, pointers appreciated:

This is the second time I've asked this question, and the second time I've 
had zero responses, so my only conclusion at this point is that Amavis does 
not actually support this, and I should revert to using the patch I had in 
place previously.  I do think it would be something numerous organizations 
would find helpful if Amavis could actually support these types of per-user 
quarantines on both incoming and outgoing email processed by Amavis.



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