hi! issues with soft whitelist / amavis / SA

Bailey, Damian S. baileyds at lcps.k12.va.us
Wed May 11 15:00:20 CEST 2011


I made your changes to my 50-user (changed the email addresses to
lowercase) and restarted amavis, but to no avail.  It's as though the SA
score isn't being influenced.

I'll look into the other options you suggest as well.  Thank you!

If it matters, I'm using mailsend.exe to create this email from a
Windows Server command line.  It's using my Postfix box as its SMTP
server. (I don't see why this would be important, but had to through it
in there)

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> I've been working with amavis for over a year now, and haven't really
had to 
fine tune it much.  That being said, I've recently found the need to 
"whitelist" a local email address as it goes through my filter and gets 
quarantined as spam; however, the mail is legitimate.  
> I'm running amavis with Postfix 2.8.2, clamAV and SA.  I've read some
of the 
amavis documentation on soft white listing, but haven't been able to get
it to 
> May 10 14:29:55 ubuntu-spam amavis[364]: (00364-01) SPAM,
>  <SISdb at lcps.k12.va.us> -> <baileyds at lcps.k12.va.us>, Yes,
> I have attempted to configure a whitelist both in 50-user and in 20-
debian_defaults as follows:
> ...
> @score_sender_maps = ({ # a by-recipient hash lookup table,
> [...]
>    { # a hash-type lookup table (associative array)
>      'SISdb at lcps.k12.va.us'                     => -10.0,
>    },
>   ],  # end of site-wide tables
> });

The address (a key) for a hash-type lookup is lowercased by default
(subject to $localpart_is_case_sensitive), so keys in a hash-type lookup
should be in lowercase.

But I agree with Michael, using some more specific whitelisting
approch in SpamAssassin would be safer, e.g. whitelist_from_rcvd,
whitelist_from_dkim, whitelist_from_spf.


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