hi! issues with soft whitelist / amavis / SA

Mark Martinec Mark.Martinec+amavis at ijs.si
Wed May 11 14:25:25 CEST 2011


> I've been working with amavis for over a year now, and haven't really had to 
fine tune it much.  That being said, I've recently found the need to 
"whitelist" a local email address as it goes through my filter and gets 
quarantined as spam; however, the mail is legitimate.  
> I'm running amavis with Postfix 2.8.2, clamAV and SA.  I've read some of the 
amavis documentation on soft white listing, but haven't been able to get it to 
> May 10 14:29:55 ubuntu-spam amavis[364]: (00364-01) SPAM,
>  <SISdb at lcps.k12.va.us> -> <baileyds at lcps.k12.va.us>, Yes, score=6.391...
> I have attempted to configure a whitelist both in 50-user and in 20-
debian_defaults as follows:
> ...
> @score_sender_maps = ({ # a by-recipient hash lookup table,
> [...]
>    { # a hash-type lookup table (associative array)
>      'SISdb at lcps.k12.va.us'                     => -10.0,
>    },
>   ],  # end of site-wide tables
> });

The address (a key) for a hash-type lookup is lowercased by default
(subject to $localpart_is_case_sensitive), so keys in a hash-type lookup table
should be in lowercase.

But I agree with Michael, using some more specific whitelisting
approch in SpamAssassin would be safer, e.g. whitelist_from_rcvd,
whitelist_from_dkim, whitelist_from_spf.


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