Amavis Quarantine Viewer

Markus Edholm markus.edholm at
Thu Mar 31 14:54:55 CEST 2011

Olav skrev 2011-03-29 19:01:
> Dear Amavis people,
> Like you, I am also using amavisd-new (on my home/family mail server)
> and I wanted an easy interface to handle the quarantined messages. I
> knew vaguely of MailZu but I felt like building something simple for
> myself. In spite of my questionable abilities as a PHP-programmer, I
> believe it turned out nice enough. So I am calling it "Amavis Quarantine
> Viewer" and I would like to invite people to take a look at it, and
> perhaps try it out and tell me what they think:
> <>
> It does not handle user quarantine folders, only a central quarantine
> for the server which is what I use.
> Thanks for your attention.
Hi Olav
I havn´t looked in your source (shame on me)
but is it only working with spamscore? Or can it show filelock, virus,
and bad header too?

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