Redirect all dsn to single address?

Mark Martinec Mark.Martinec+amavis at
Tue Jul 12 13:58:00 CEST 2011


> We're getting a lot of backscatter DSNs and users are complaining. Is it
> possible to rederict all incoming DSNs to a single mailbox that I can
> check from time to time?

You can probably achieve that with MTA settings: redirect based on a
null return path address. But I don't think it would be particularly

I believe the best defense against backscatter is offered by
a bounce killer, built into amavisd. For it to work, one needs
to have SQL logging enabled (a.k.a. pen pals), then rise a score
for detected third party bounes, e.g.: $bounce_killer_score = 100;


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