Help - Chinese spam

Klaus Vink Slott list-s at
Wed Dec 14 18:44:25 CET 2011

On 14 December 2011 17:55:26  Mark Martinec:
> Klaus,
> > I have temporary placed a sample selection at
> > I would be gratefull if anybody would
> > take a look on these and see if I by accident have disabled some of my
> > filters. Suggestions for improved filtering would be fantastic to.
> I fed your messages through our setup.
> Here are the rules that were most effective:
Thanks Mark, I'll take a look at it to morrow when I get back to work.

> The SpamAssassin user list is probably a better place for the topic.
Of course - didn't think of it. I will try to inplement RELAY_CN and 
L_CHARSET, compare with your results, and adjust my filters. 

If this is not enough I will target  The SpamAssassin list.


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