$TEMPBASE dir getting big

Mark Martinec Mark.Martinec+amavis at ijs.si
Wed Dec 14 17:31:36 CET 2011


> my $TEMPBASE directory has reached 2.1G in size, it caused some
> problems, because there where not enough space in /var, but i have
> resolved those by extending /var. But the question is, why is the
> directory getting that big and is there anything i can do about it?

On fatal failures or on unclean restarts temporary files may be left
in the $TEMPBASE directory. Check their dates - if these files have
accumulated slowly over a long period and are not too numerous,
then this may be normal. If, however, there are many leftover files,
the likely reason are repeated failures - their cause should be
documented in the log, and should be fixed. 

> Is it safe to just delete the contents?

Yes, just delete them, taking care not to delete the currently-
-in-use temporary directories. The safest way to do so is to
shutdown amavisd, delete all temporary directories and files
there, and restart it.


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