Help - Chinese spam

Klaus Vink Slott list-s at
Wed Dec 14 10:28:14 CET 2011

For several years I’ve been running a postfix/amavis filter in front of 
our faculty Exchange server. We are an on a University so we do have 
contact all over the world involved in discussions about all parts of 
the human body - dealing with financial research, and so on. This means 
we reluctant to tigthen our level.

$sa_tag_level_deflt  = 1.5;
$sa_tag2_level_deflt = 3.0
$sa_kill_level_deflt = 6.31;

Our setup is pretty much a default setup based on packages as delivered 
by OpenSUSE with a few handmade supplementary rules added when some junk got 
past the filters. On top we have a bl subscription at spamhouse and 
running sa-update once every night.

The solution have worked pretty well for the last couple of years - or 
at least nobody have complained about the amounts of spam slipping trough.

But lately one of my users have been hit by huge amount of Chinese spam (I 
guess), I have adjusted my filters and included Futher I 
have feed her letters to baisian and that helped somewhat for a couple of 
months, but now things is slipping in to this user again. The Chinese 
rules seems quite old and might be outdated at this time.

I have temporary placed a sample selection at 
I would be gratefull if anybody would take a look on these and see if I by 
accident have disabled some of my filters. Suggestions for improved filtering 
would be fantastic to.

Our servers is currently running:


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