somitimes occur Blocked BANNED

Usuário do Sistema maiconlp at
Wed Aug 31 04:55:38 CEST 2011

Hello, I'm with a problem very strange that a bit defficult explain
it...but go ahead.

sometimes my anti-spam blocks some message send from user to other out
of the my domain. the problem occur from this user at to vguajardo at

they are in different domain and MTA server. the more strange is that
block happens sometime and no always.

the user at is allow to send any message with any
file attached at the side my anti-spam server as well as vguajardo is
in a whitelist.

but sometimes at that uses Microsoft Outlook 2007
sends a message even without attached file to vguajardo at
and the anti-spam ( from my domain ) blocks as log bellow.

Aug 30 17:07:36 tgadml0003 amavis[13219]: (13219-06-14) Blocked BANNED
(application/x-dosexec,.exe,.exe-ms,regedit.exe), []
[] < at> -> <vguajardo at>,
quarantine: quarentena at tigre.local, Message-ID:
<20110830170732.10197hscaty4roxw at>, mail_id:
eS2iXErEmZ95, Hits: -, size: 546324, 2930 ms
Aug 30 17:07:36 tgadml0003 amavis[13219]: (13219-06-14) Blocked BANNED
< at> -> <vguajardo at>, Hits: -, tag=3,
tag2=6.3, kill=6.3, 0/0/0/0

packages version


I'dont know very well of the amavis or the any tip is
very welcome


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