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Mon Aug 29 22:36:00 CEST 2011

* Christian Felsing <pug at>:
> configuration for Avira savapi needs something named "prodict-id":
>   ['Avira SAVAPI',
>     \&ask_daemon, ["*", 'savapi:/var/tmp/.savapi3', 'product-id'],
>     qr/^(200|210)/m,  qr/^(310|420|319)/m,
>     qr/^(?:310|420)[,\s]*(?:.* <<< )?(.+?)(?: ; |$)/m ],
> What does that product-id mean ? Is Antirvir Professional
> (SAVAPI-Version: for Linux supported ?

The Product-ID serves to enable the scan engine. It has to be sent any time
amavis hands a file over to SAVAPI.

Aviras SAVAPI is the bare scan engine without management features like the
ones provided by Avira Mailgate. Avira SAVAPI is an OEM product. You can buy
it if you have an OEM Vendor contract or if you buy a Vendor product that
incorporates the scan engine.

If Antivir Professional is what you probably want the scanner that starts
like this:

  ### Avira for UNIX 3.x
  ['Avira AntiVir', ['avscan'],
   '-s --batch --alert-action=none {}', [0,4], qr/(?:ALERT|FUND):/m,
   qr/(?:ALERT|FUND): (?:.* <<< )?(.+?)(?: ; |$)/m ],

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