Message causes amavis to stop processing

Alex mysqlstudent at
Wed Apr 27 21:52:41 CEST 2011


> I don't see anything specifically strange in that email.

Yes, me neither, but it also seizes on straight sa.

> How do I debug this?
> get a 'msg' version of the email (not a postfix, postcat version)
> so 'spamassassin -D < {msg}' and watch it.

Okay, I converted that to a real message, since it's the only instance
of it that I have, by stripping the queue information and adding a
dummy "From " at the top. It still gets stuck.

It also gets stuck with -L, just doing local tests. It seems to stop
processing at no particular point:

Apr 27 15:49:57.231 [9943] dbg: rules: flush_evalstr
(run_generic_tests) compiling 41329 chars of
Apr 27 15:49:57.236 [9943] dbg: rules: run_generic_tests - compiling
eval code: rawbody, priority 0
Apr 27 15:49:57.236 [9943] dbg: rules: compiled rawbody tests

..and that's it. I checked through the output for anything obvious,
but didn't find anything that indicated some type of obvious failure.

> are you running caching dns servers?

Yes, and with it getting stuck while performing only local tests, I
don't think that would be the problem.

This is a new install, though, so I may have configured something wrong.


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