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Patrick Ben Koetter p at
Mon Jul 1 16:56:05 CEST 2019


It's about time I wrote a mail on the next steps this project will
undergo in the near future.

= Bug Fix Release

We plan to release a new amavis version in about 4 weeks from now.
This upcoming release will focus on bug fixes and we plan to merge all
outstanding issues adressing bugs.

We will also add a new feature: amavis will be able to use rspamd as spam
scanner and rspamd will be able to use amavis' content filter framework
capabilities. Though this can be already acchieved today with a few hacks, the
method we will add will simplify the setup significantly. The code for this
has been written and tested and it will be merged within the next weeks and
shipped with the upcoming release.

= Improvements Release

Top on our roadmap for the release, following the one I described above, is to
split amavis' code into smaller chunks. This will make live easier for
developers. Markus Benning has already started to work on this issue. But it
is not an easy one and the tricky part – coming up with something that
dynamically loads the apropriate modules depending on the configuration
settings – remains to be done yet.

This release hopefully will also be the one that introduces documentation for
admins/operators. I'm saying "hopefully" because the task has been assigned to
me and I'm still searching for that spot from which everything explained seems
to "make sense".

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