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Fri Dec 23 12:47:06 CET 2022

On 23.12.22 09:04, Indunil Jayasooriya wrote:
>Thanks a lot for your feedback.
>Some told me enterprise products can do it.
>See below URL and attachment..

note that these break DKIM signatures, so I'd recommend do it after you 
verify them. Fortimail luckily verifies DKIM, you must configure mailserver 
to accept the authentication info.

>It has options below.
>Select one of the following actions:
>   - *Keep*: Keep URLs.
>   - Remove: Removes URLs. To view the URL click protection and
>   FortiIsolator settings, click View settings (see Configuring licensed
>   features
>   <>
>   ).
>   - Redirect to FortiIsolator: Redirect the user to FortiIsolator so that
>   the user will be browsing through FortiIsolator. For information about
>   FortiIsolator, see Configuring licensed features
>   <>
>   .
>   - Redirect to Click Protection: Rewrite the URL, and in case the user
>   clicks on the URL, scan the URL and then take the configured
>actions (see Configuring
>   licensed features
>   <>
>   ).
>   - Redirect to Click Protection + FortiIsolator: Rewrite the URL and when
>   the user clicks on the URL, the URL will be redirected to FortiMail for
>   scanning. If the URL is malicious, the URL will be blocked; if the URL is
>   clean, the URL is rewritten to point to the FortiIsolator, and the user
>   will browse through FortiIsolator.
>   - *Neutralize*: Modify the URL to make it ineffective.
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