X-Spam header missing regardless of low sa_tag_level_deflt but scores present in logs

Matus UHLAR - fantomas uhlar at fantomas.sk
Thu Aug 18 12:25:46 CEST 2022

On 18.08.22 01:18, Bert Van de Poel wrote:
>It seems like my problem was indeed @local_domains_acl. I've now had 
>it set to "." for a few hours and all my mail is getting tagged as it 
>should. While migrating, I had noticed the $sql_select_policy in my 
>old configuration, but since it's not mentioned anywhere in the 
>official documentation, I didn't realise its connection to 
>@local_domains_acl. Is this something I should report somewhere as a 
>documentation bug?

Perhaps debian amavis configs could be enhanced to note which settings are 
important for amavis to work. Enhancement request could be a way, since most 
of those directives are describes in files other than 50-user which should 
be edited.

>Concerning the RelayedOpenRelay. It seems while @mynetworks and 
>@mynetworks_maps are mentioned in examples in the documentation, its 
>default value isn't defined and it isn't there by default in the 
>Debian configuration. Does that mean it's empty by default instead of 
> In that case it sounds like that should be documented and I 
>should perhaps file a bug/patch to change the default configuration 
>for Debian. What do you guys think?

perhaps the same as above.
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