Eset security for Linux 8

Cristian Galvani c.galvani at
Wed Sep 8 12:22:56 CEST 2021

Hello guys,
I would like to experiment with Eset Security For Linux 8but I don't know
how to configure it in the file 15-av_scanners.

In the past i was using Eset 4 with this settings:

['ESET File Security for Linux',
  '--subdir --unsafe --unwanted --clean-mode=strict {}',

Now Eset 8 is little bit different:
/opt/eset/efs/sbin/cls/cls -h

Exit codes:
  0    no threat found
  1    some files were detected and cleaned
  10   some files could not be scanned (may be threats)
  50   some files were detected
  100  error

I found this page
but unfortunately it doesn't work. Some parameters are not correct.
Unfortunately I am not familiar with perl.

Regards Cristian
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