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* Julian Kippels <kippels at>:
> I am transitioning my servers from CentOS to Debian. I noticed that
> Debian is using a slightly different configuration scheme. Where CentOS
> uses a single flat /etc/amavis/amavisd.conf-file where Debian uses
> several /etc/amavis/conf.d/XX-whatever files and suggests, that all
> changes are made to the file 50-user.
> My quesion is, can I just extend configuration parameters that were set
> in a previous file?

the config files in /etc/amavis/conf.d/ are read in sequentially, beginning
with the file whose filename starts with the lowest number. But be aware a
100-something sorts before a 10-something. ;-)

Personally I try to avoid writing to any files provided by the Debian
packages. They shall be able to replace any 10- to 50- file at any time
without my config options interfering with them. I tend to create a
60-$CUSTOMER, where $CUSTOMER carries the customers company name.

> For example, in my CentOS-file, I have added some lines to the default
> score_sender_maps. In Debian score_sender_maps is defined in
> 20-debian_defaults. Can I add lines to score_sender_maps in 50-user
> without having to completely overwrite what was defined in
> 20-debian_defaults?

You have to overwrite config options completely. amavis will not merge options
into a single one.

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