The good old "permission denied", the ignored group memberships, and a proposed solution

Luc Pardon amavisuser at
Sun May 16 17:40:48 CEST 2021

On Sun, 16 May 2021 00:12:17 +0200
Damian <amavis at> wrote:

> > Comments welcome, if any.  
> There is also [1], but nobody to review.
> [1]

If my name was nobody, it would get a -1 from me <g>.

When running on a system that allows a user to be part of multiple
groups, it makes no sense to have an admin manage group memberships in
two (or more) places: first by using the native tools and then
duplicating this in amavisd.conf (and maybe in other program's config).

It's bad enough that all developers of Perl daemons have to take care of
that in all their projects, no need to shift the onus onto all their

The proper way (to me) seems to pick up the membership info from the
underlying platform.

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