Two primary internal av scanner - get stats

Damian amavis at
Wed Feb 19 21:51:37 CET 2020

> I get a problem with $log_level = 2 because verbosity greatly increases
> the lines in the logs, from 5k/day to 230k/day... and cause unwanted load
> I wish only get "detected by 1 scanners" information and not others things

You could adapt $log_templ. For example, if you currently use the
standard $log_short_templ or $log_verbose_templ as $log_templ, the
following snippet

> $log_templ =~ s'INFECTED \(%V\)'INFECTED ([:W|])'g;                                                                                               

will make amavis log something like this:

> amavis[1835]: (01835-01) Blocked INFECTED (ClamAV-clamdscan:[Eicar-Signature,Unix.Trojan.Mirai-6976991-0]; ClamAV-clamd:[Eicar-Signature,Unix.Trojan.Mirai-6976991-0]) {RejectedInternal,Quarantined} ...

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