sharing penpals between dedicated SMTP server and MX servers pool

Patrick Proniewski patrick.proniewski at
Wed Feb 19 15:19:40 CET 2020


I'm using @work a dedicated SMTP server with Amavisd-new and a Redis backend. I'm also using a pool of 3 MX servers each one using Amavisd-new and a Redis backend.
The Redis backend is mostly used for JSON logs.

I would like to use the penpal feature to optimise antispam filtering, so if I understand correctly the SMTP should hold the master Redis DB and PSYNC new penpals to MX's Redis slave DBs, is that correct?
Is there a way to sync penpals but not sync JSON logs? What would be the best way to setup the penpal feature in my situation?

Any help appreciated,


(I'm subscribed to digest, feel free to Cc me!)

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