Do not reject email for clamav Heuristics.OLE2.ContainsMacros event

Patrick Proniewski patrick.proniewski at
Wed Feb 19 15:05:48 CET 2020


I'm trying to prevent some OLE based attacks with Amavisd-new + Clamav filtering, but setting Clamav to reject every single OLE document is doomed to failure: our users need to receive legitimate documents using OLE.

So I would like to setup Amavisd+Clamav so that when an attachement includes an OLE (ie. when Heuristics.OLE2.ContainsMacros is triggered) I get proper notification in logs for example and the message gets delivered to its recipients, unless of course something else is triggered. 

I've tried the solution exposed in <> but I'm not using any policy_bank on my MX servers and I failed to adapt the config snippet to make it work.

Any help appreciated!

(I'm subscribed to digest, feel free to Cc me when you reply, thanks)

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