amavisd-new & broken mysql

pali at pali at
Thu Jun 13 10:17:26 CEST 2019


For more then 2 years people complain about semi-broken support when
amavisd-new use MySQL database as a storage via DBD::mysql driver.

See e.g. this ticket:

In past I tried to fix this problem in DBD::mysql, but due to
compatibility with legacy DBD::mysql applications, fix had to be

Meanwhile I started working on a new DBI driver for MariaDB and MySQL
databases DBD::MariaDB as fork of DBD::mysql and I tried to fix all
known bug in new driver:

Would you mind to test if amavisd-new work with DBD::MariaDB? As
after two years people still reports that amavisd-new has problems with
DBD::mysql, it would be probably a good idea to look if DBD::MariaDB
driver is not more suitable for end users.

Plus if you found & report some bug, I can look at it and try to fix it.
Currently we do not have reported any serious issue/bug for DBD::MariaDB
in our bug tracker:

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