Amavis-new whitelist sender address and mail log

Admin Beckspaced admin at
Tue Jan 8 08:07:46 CET 2019

Hello there ;),

I've set a sender address to be whitelisted by amavis-new.
If I look in the amavis-new log:

2019-01-07T05:55:43.476393+01:00 cx20 amavis[14703]: (14703-20) Passed 
CLEAN {RelayedInbound}, EXTERNAL []:37319 [] 
<sender at> -> <recipient at>, Queue-ID: 
ED4FC1A1EDA, Message-ID: 
< at rbg73.sng01is>, mail_id: 
SbCRIirAbHc6, Hits: -, size: 10027, queued_as: 6EA4A1A1EDB,, 133 ms

So in the log there's Hits: -,

Is this the only way how I can recognize a whitelisted sender address in 
the log?

Or is there an option to have the log entry display 'whitelisted sender 
address' or something similar?
to make it more easy to find whitelisted addresses in the log ;)

thanks & greetings

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