Amavis not being called from postfix

Dominic Raferd dominic at
Sat Feb 9 07:33:44 CET 2019

On Sat, 9 Feb 2019 at 00:01, Patrick Ben Koetter <p at> wrote:
> * Matus UHLAR - fantomas <uhlar at>:
> > > On Fri, 8 Feb 2019 at 17:17, Robert Moskowitz <rgm at> wrote:
> > > ...
> > > > I would think I want to use MILTER.
> >
> > On 08.02.19 17:34, Dominic Raferd wrote:
> > > I too am interested in running amavis as milter (Patrick has written
> > > some instructions in German), but the standard and more common setup,
> > > and the one which you are emulating at present, is as content filter
> > > instead, and I think you should focus on getting that working first.
> >
> > I use milter when receiving mail from outside (mail servers).
> > When I configured milter on users connections, users were complaining that
> > sending mail takes too long.
> > Thus, clients on submission,smtps ports (and when possible, port 25 clients
> > on internal interface) use content_filter.
> So am I. And it conforms with German jurisdiction. And yes, *SIGH* it is
> important to comply. ;)

Thanks Matus and Patrick for pointing that out. It would certainly be
a complexifier [(c) J Bezos] to have to run it both as milter and
content_filter. But in my case I whitelist emails from our domains
within amavis so they would process quickly even when it runs as
milter. (I realise this whitelisting carries some risk, but in our
situation I think it is minimal.) Alternatively I suppose one could
have a different length child_timeout for auth and non-auth mails (via
a policy bank, though I prefer to avoid these) i.e. a short timeout
for auth mails (say 3-4 seconds) and longer for non-auth (say 20
seconds) - this way (depending on server load and power) most auth
mails (and the overwhelming majority of non-auth) would still get

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