Intelectual checking

Dmitry Donskih dmitry.donskih at
Tue Apr 2 12:58:04 CEST 2019

I think it is possible only with patching amavisd.

Find section "post_virus_scan", there you can add some code to set minor
category $ccat_min to some value if virus scanner finds encrypted archive.

Later, you can use any of maps '*_by_ccat' (maybe add your own) to
define special processing of such mails.

Not easy, but possible.

P.S. Consider blocking ALL mails with encrypted archives regardless of
words like "password" or "pwd" as they can be easily obfuscated.

02.04.2019 8:28, alexey wrote:
> Hello
> i want to add header to email, when letter contain
> password-protect-archive and words such "password" or "pwd" etc.
> amavis can check UNDECIPHERABLE mail and add theme.
> but how i can made condition that
> "letter contain words and has UNDECIPHERABLE archive"

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