ANNOUNCE: Amavis project handed over to new project leaders

Tom Sommer mail at
Tue Oct 9 20:25:07 CEST 2018

On 2018-10-09 19:46, Mark Martinec wrote:

> I'll skip my apologies for being unresponsive for the past two years,
> there's not enough room in this mail message :)  My interests,
> duties and priorities have shifted, and amavisd was running smoothly
> at our site (still is), so there was less pressure on me actively
> maintaining it, and not enough time to keep an eye on the mailing
> list.

Thank you for all the impressive and detailed work; I'm sure you know 
how big an impact this project has made around the world.

> There have been suggestions and offerings to move Amavis to some
> public repository. So far I have been evading them, but now I
> received an offer I cannot refuse: Patrick Ben Koetter has offered
> to move the project to such platform and take the lead (at least
> initially) on reviving the project and coordinating it. I know Ben
> personally, he is one of the two authors of The Book of Postfix,
> and uses Amavis in his professional life too, so I think the
> project will be in good hands.

This is the right move to ensure Amavis continues to see use, growth and 
contribution - I look forward to seeing this gitlab project :)


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