Is amavisd-new still being maintained?

pgndev at
Tue Oct 9 18:58:23 CEST 2018

The discussed 'facts' here include:

    amavisd is not actively maintained
    it's a 1-persoon project, & the author's non-responsive to comms
    it's perl
    spam admin's a constantly moving target

Alternatives do exist, but need to be cobbled together.

In postfix-land, here, a combo of lighter-weight, separable milters using

    clamav-milter + clamav
    spampd + spamassassin
    policyd-spf (not a milter ...)

covers most of the functionality.

then again, _some_ of those^ are not particularly actively
maintained/communicative either.

for me, amavisd -- as-is -- is not a good, future-proof production risk.
the question already posed remains: what, if anything, is?

Glad to see this long overdue discussion being had!
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