Virus scan only for hams

Lubor Kolář lubor.kolar at
Fri Nov 16 11:52:34 CET 2018

I am using Amavisd-new 2.11.0-r3 + clamav on Gentoo system. When evaluating
the performance, I found that sometimes clamav takes ages to check message
for viruses. But I also found that mail is tested against viruses despite
its spam score is higher than treshold.
I tought I would be able to turn off antivirus scanning for such messages
which would mean our system has to run antivirus test on only about 10%
incoming mails because the rest (90%) is spam which is not necessary to
test agains viruses.

Is my request feasible? I tried to look at the documentation but I was not
able to find how to do it.

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