Example for amavisd-signer as separate systemd service?

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Fri Nov 2 13:33:38 CET 2018

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> I am just installing Amavisd-New to use with Postfix.
> I am working on DKIM signing.
> I read the docs about amavisd-signer and have some questions.
> I want to set up amavisd-signer as a separate signing service.
> I am looking for an example of launching it with systemd .service.
> Also I want to understand if it uses then a separate configuration file?
> From the amavisd.conf?
> Is there a good example or documentation of these?
> If you want it as a separate service, wouldn't be better to use opendkim

+1. And once opendkim is working ok, add opendmarc - which has
similar/compatible configuration.
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