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I haven’t had the chance to look at it. Is the debug log you sent from the new 16.04 install or the 14.04 install?

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I have now, results below.  Your thoughts on the Amavis debug ?

root at M1-2:~# /usr/bin/pyzor ping  (200, 'OK')
root at M1-2:~# /bin/rm /etc/razor/identity*
/bin/rm: cannot remove '/etc/razor/identity*': No such file or directory
root at M1-2:~# /bin/rm /etc/razor/razor-agent.conf
root at M1-2:~# /usr/bin/razor-admin -home=/etc/razor -create
root at M1-2:~# /usr/bin/razor-admin -home=/etc/razor -register
Register successful.  Identity stored in /etc/razor/identity-ru041Fju8H
root at M1-2:~#

On 1/30/18 11:51 AM, Dino Edwards wrote:

/usr/bin/razor-admin -home=/etc/razor -register

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