Amavis doesn't exit properly ch5-finish

Pavlos Georgiadis pavlos at
Sat Jan 6 08:39:27 CET 2018


I am using amavisd with postfix on a new mail server I have installed
recently. The configuration is pretty much the same with my old mail
server, so it is a well tested setup. Postfix connects to amavis through
TCP port 10024.

Now since I started using that new mail server, I have a strange issue
that happens almost randomly. In the log file I see that amavisd is
trying to restart (I guess triggered by newsyslog), but is unable to
restart because his address is already in use. Error message: "Can't
connect to TCP port 10024 on [Address already in use]".

By running a "ps ax | grep amavis", I see that there is still an old
amavis proccess running "42195  -  I        0:01.30
/usr/local/sbin/amavisd (ch5-finish) (perl)". Even after several hours
this process is still stuck there.

So it seems that for some reason amavis is stuck and doesn't exit
properly, which prevents the new process from running. What could
prevent amavis from exiting there? How could I troubleshoot that?

I have checked through the log file for the PID of this failed process,
to see if it failed before the restart attempt and if there are some
clues why it failed, but I couldn't find anything. In fact the last line
in the logfile related to that PID was a "Passed CLEAN {RelayedInbound}"
message, so nothing suspicious there.

Pavlos Georgiadis

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