originating flag not working - critical bug - RelayedOpenRelay / DKIM signing not working

Karol Augustin karol at augustin.pl
Mon Feb 12 14:30:00 CET 2018

On 2018-02-12 10:06, Dino Edwards wrote:
> Wouldn't this be avoided by simply using opendkim for DKIM signing
> instead of relying on amavis for that? Or are there other use
> scenarios for the originating flag where this would come into play?

As I mentioned in my original email any use case that involves
distinguishing if email was sent by local user or is originating from
outside (incoming) is affected. That of course includes DKIM signing as
obvious scenario but there are many other configurations that make use
of this functionality as well.

Other example is different SPAM scoring for local users vs incoming
mail. Also adding X-Spam headers is impacted so your outgoing mail has
your spamassassin results attached to it.

I am using opendkim to sign outgoing mail, but as I said, the core
functionality is affected by this bug. Also some people do not like
OpenRelay log entries that are happening with affected version.

In my opinion this bug makes Amavis unusable in many if not all
configurations as distinguishing between local and incoming e-mail is
vital to properly do e-mail spam/virus scanning, header injection, and
DKIM signig/verification (if you are using it).


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