Any plan to implement ARC (Authenticated Received Chain) with Mail::DKIM module?

A. Schulze sca at
Mon Feb 5 21:32:36 CET 2018

Am 05.02.2018 um 10:54 schrieb Zhang Huangbin:
> Dear developers,

> Any plan to implement ARC (The Authenticated Received Chain) in Amavisd with the Mail::DKIM module?
> About ARC:
> Amavisd already uses Mail::DKIM module for DKIM signing/verification, it supports ARC signing/verification since version 0.5.0. So it might be a good idea to implement ARC signing/verification with same module in Amavisd too, so that we don’t need to run another daemon (e.g. OpenARC) for ARC.
> Thoughts? :)
In general: yes, good idea...
It only require people implementing and maintaining that stuff.

Unfortunately there are much more active users then active developers.

Last message from the original developer (Mark Martinec) I noticed April 2016!
@Mark: ping!


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