TIMING [total 3516 ms] - SA check: 3480 (99%)100

Django [BOfH] django at nausch.org
Sat Feb 3 20:20:22 CET 2018

HI p at rick!

Am 02.02.2018 um 22:44 schrieb Patrick Ben Koetter:

>     The poll_dns_idle is just a state where SpamAssassin is waiting for
>     DNS replies to come in or a timeout to expire.

That's right :/ The good news - I've done all right, the bad news I know
what went wrong.

Every MX outside HETZNER is working very well. All systems from
HETZNER's farming/housing (my assigned subnet) have the same problem!
SPAMHAUS is blocking all queries from local caching-only DNS
unbound/bind. That is the cause, whay my servers run into timeouts and
have boring throuputs and ugly timings there. :(

AMaViS and spamassassin are working very well.


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