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Matus UHLAR - fantomas uhlar at
Mon Dec 31 20:32:11 CET 2018

On 31.12.18 13:23, Admin Beckspaced wrote:
>is it possible to send a copy of the email to another account if the 
>spam score of the email is higher than let's say 5 points?
>if yes ... how would accomplish that?

one approach is to use set tag2_level to 5 and the address as spam
quarantine - I'm just not sure now, if it sends the mail, when you set spam
destiny to D_PASS.

other possibility  at MTA level, e.g. postfix header checks when receiving from amavis,
or milter_header_checks when using MTA.

This way you should be able to count number of stars in headers like
"X-Spam-Level: *****" - you may need to escape stars because of regular

>the reason is ... on my mailboxes I don't receive that much SPAM.
>But other mail boxes do ... so I would like to be able to send a copy 
>to myself once it reaches a SPAM score higher than 5 points.

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