Bug in amavisd-new, or p5-DBD-mysql? (was: Re: false positives, tagged_above=0, and spam threshold)

Matus UHLAR - fantomas uhlar at fantomas.sk
Wed Dec 12 20:40:53 CET 2018

>> On 8/27/18 12:40 PM, David Newman wrote:
>>> Again answering my own post: After a lot of searching, I found reports
>>> of a previously known type-conversion bug in the Perl DBD-MySQL module
>>> (aka p5-DBD-mysql on FreeBSD):
>>> https://github.com/perl5-dbi/DBD-mysql/issues/78
>>> https://lists.amavis.org/pipermail/amavis-users/2016-December/004674.html

>On 8/29/18 8:35 AM, David Newman wrote:
>> This post claims the problem is with amavisd-new, and not p5-DBD-mysql:
>> https://de.postfix.org/pipermail/amavis-users/2017-January/004711.html
>> Quoting: "The change is that [as of 4.038] p5-DBD-mysql now returns
>> mysql doubles as perl doubles and mysql floats as perl floats (and not
>> as a string anymore). This should be adressed [sic] by amavisd."
>> In a followup, the maintainer for the Debian port of amavisd-new asks
>> for more info to look into a patch, but that was in January 2017 and the
>> port is still broken.
>> I'm frankly not qualified to answer: Is this an amavisd problem, or a
>> p5-DBD-mysql problem? As it is, amavisd-new is getting bad data.

On 12.12.18 09:33, David Newman wrote:
>Was this data typing problem in amavisd-new ever resolved? As a
>workaround, I'm still running an outdated version of p5-DBD-mysql with
>other security issues, and now it's blocking an OS update.
>The current version of p5-DBD-mysql correctly handles perl doubles, but
>amavisd-new then erroneously inserts tagged_above=0 values.

I don't see mention of this in amavis-2.11.1 release notes

not issue report on gitlab

please at least file a report 
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