Mail Banned Message confusing Blocked BANNED (_rels)

Hoyer-Reuther, Christian Christian.Hoyer-Reuther at
Thu Sep 7 10:10:17 CEST 2017

Hello Götz,

you can copy the "%smtp_reason_by_ccat = ( ..." section from /usr/sbin/amavisd-new to your amavisd config and then modify it. Here is an example:

%smtp_reason_by_ccat = (
  # currently only used for blocked messages only, status 5xx
  # a multiline message will produce a valid multiline SMTP response
  CC_VIRUS,       'id=%n - INFECTED: %V',
  # CC_BANNED,      'id=%n - BANNED: %F',
  CC_BANNED,      'id=%n - Unwanted attachment (%F) - We don’t accept xyz Documents',
  CC_UNCHECKED.',1', 'id=%n - UNCHECKED: encrypted',
  CC_UNCHECKED.',2', 'id=%n - UNCHECKED: over limits',
  CC_UNCHECKED,      'id=%n - UNCHECKED',
  CC_SPAM,        'id=%n - spam',
  CC_SPAMMY.',1', 'id=%n - spammy (tag3)',
  CC_SPAMMY,      'id=%n - spammy',
  CC_BADH.',1',   'id=%n - BAD HEADER: MIME error',
  CC_BADH.',2',   'id=%n - BAD HEADER: nonencoded 8-bit character',
  CC_BADH.',3',   'id=%n - BAD HEADER: contains invalid control character',
  CC_BADH.',4',   'id=%n - BAD HEADER: line made up entirely of whitespace',
  CC_BADH.',5',   'id=%n - BAD HEADER: line longer than RFC 5322 limit',
  CC_BADH.',6',   'id=%n - BAD HEADER: syntax error',
  CC_BADH.',7',   'id=%n - BAD HEADER: missing required header field',
  CC_BADH.',8',   'id=%n - BAD HEADER: duplicate header field',
  CC_BADH,        'id=%n - BAD HEADER',
  CC_OVERSIZED,   'id=%n - Message size exceeds recipient\'s size limit',
  CC_MTA.',1',    'id=%n - Temporary MTA failure on relaying',
  CC_MTA.',2',    'id=%n - Rejected by next-hop MTA on relaying',
  CC_MTA,         'id=%n - Unable to relay message back to MTA',
  CC_CLEAN,       'id=%n - CLEAN',
  CC_CATCHALL,    'id=%n - OTHER',  # should not happen



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Betreff: Mail Banned Message confusing Blocked BANNED (_rels)


we run an amavis installation which works fine so far. We just look for an option to inform better why an attachment was rejected.

E.g. we block M$ Documents and senders get a smtp 554 5.7.0 Reject …. BANNED: _rels

There is no information included that it is the Word or Excel file.

And I can’t find any option in amavis or postfix to set/modify this status „_rels“

I’d like to include some words like „We don’t accept xyz Documents“

Thanks for any hint or suggestion . Götz

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