problem with DKIM and big messages

Benny Pedersen me at
Wed Oct 4 16:00:04 CEST 2017

Johannes Feigl skrev den 2017-10-04 14:41:

> when i simply save the content of $str to a file, then i see that it
> has been cutted.

amavisd works as intended, limit the msg body size so it does not use 
time on big attachment sizes that is valid dkim signed, only work around 
is to raise that body size limit in amavisd to be as big as body size in 
ehlo mail size not lower, low accepted mail size should not be in 
content filters or scanners but stay in mta level

> this seams to be the problem.

so why did you ask ?

> do you have any idea how to prevent this?

yas :)

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